The manufacturer of the Patriot missile system was building transformers — a key component of the system — in their own facility. As volumes increased, they wanted to focus on system-level manufacturing and bring in a custom magnetics company to provide expertise at the component level.

Military-grade manufacturing requires a unique set of requirements, with regard to sourcing, documentation, processes, thermal shock cycles, oven cure cycles and much more. DYCO was chosen to produce the high-quality components for the Patriot due to our long history in this arena and our ITAR-Registered status.

DYCO worked closely with the customer to replicate manufacturing procedures and get the product right. Client knowledge and expertise were critical to matching up processes and documentation for seamless integration with their product. As a result, we produce the high-quality components they need, at a better value than they could achieve on their own.

In the words of one of our customers, each war fighter needs equipment that works the first time, every time. Our components are critical to their success, and our people are motivated by the knowledge that real people’s lives depend on the quality of our product.

DYCO’s military systems experience includes Patriot PAC 3, STT, J-STARS, ANDVT base-to-base communications, SMART-T, NIXIE, CEC, Starblazer and many more.

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