A manufacturer approached us to bid on a three-phase transformer for a component they were building. We won the business and learned it would be used in a cooling unit, but we had no knowledge of the end product, nor its use.

As our initial work progressed, the customer asked us to help enhance their product to meet some UL requirements. We did, even traveling to their facility to improve some existing parts. They also asked for our assistance in further enhancing their component to meet medical specifications (IEC60601-1). This required extensive redesign and engineering, but we gladly offered our expertise. This is when we learned it was for a new piece of MRI equipment.

Eight months later, we finalized the design of our component — which met all of their requirements and the target price. We provided them with sample units, their equipment received agency approval, and they began taking orders for the MRI machine.

The product was extremely successful and led to a flood of orders. Because of our close relationship and collaboration with the client, we knew there was a good chance of high-volume orders with no lead time. Ten weeks prior, we had purchased additional equipment and began preparing for extra staff. So when the orders hit, we were ready to help them meet their commitment to a new product rollout as scheduled.

In the end, our project foresight and collaboration with the client resulted in mutual success. We are not only proud to have benefited our client but we are extremely honored to help produce a machine that will aid in the diagnosis and cure of countless people.

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